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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

What is functional endoscopic sinus surgery?

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is the use of telescopes and cameras through the nose to reach, open, and clear out the sinuses. As an analogy, a sinus cavity can be thought of as balloon with an aerated portion and a small opening. Sometimes, it is beneficial to widen this opening to aid in the long-term function of the sinus as well as to remove disease and secretions from the sinus.

There are no external facial cuts in this type of surgery. As a result, there is less morbidity associated with this type of surgery as compared to surgical approaches to the sinuses with external facial cuts – no change in the external appearance of the face, faster recovery, and less pain.

In Dr. Joe’s practice, the importance of postoperative care and long-term follow up with ongoing endoscopic surveillance of the sinus and nasal cavities is emphasized. In general, medical therapy with antibiotics and nasal saline irrigations and sometimes oral steroids are used in the postoperative period along with weekly or fortnightly endoscopic surveillance and adjustment of medications as sinus inflammation resolves. Thereafter, we follow patients with periodic nasal endoscopic examinations.

So, in addtion to discussing the pros and cons of treatment for your condition, we emphasiz long-term follow up for continued management of your chronic sinusitis.

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