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Endoscopic Frontal Sinusotomy

Where is the frontal sinus?

The frontal sinus is the sinus located behind your forehead and drains into your nose through the ethmoid sinus, the sinus between your eyes. Not everyone has the same number of frontal sinuses. You may have two (right and left), one (right or left), or none.

Chronic frontal sinusitis can be due to persistent inflammation in the sinus. The sinus can be blocked because of swelling since the opening to the sinus is much smaller than the sinus proper. It can also become blocked due to polyps, tumors, mucoceles, or bony overgrowth of the opening.

If the pathway for drainage is blocked, prescription medications are usually the first line of treatment in attempts to clear the sinus. Sometimes, surgery is helpful along with medications.

What is endoscopic frontal sinusotomy?

Endoscopic frontal sinusotomy involves the use of telescopes and cameras through the nose to reach the anterior ethmoid sinus, and then the frontal sinus above. These areas are opened and disease is removed. The natural opening to the sinus is widened to assist with the natural function of the sinus such as making and clearing mucus.

If possible, just the natural opening to the sinus is surgically widened. If you have had surgery in this area before, additional procedures may be indicated to open and keep this area open.

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