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"I had such a good experience with Dr. Joe and her team that I switched Primary Care doctors so that I can continue to be seen at the University of Illinois at Chicago!" - Patient BB

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Our Team

Meet Kathy Reidy

Ms. Kathy Reidy has been in the Department of Otolaryngology for 20 years. She serves as an administrative assistant to Dr. Joe. New or returning patients should call her for an appointment. Kathy will direct you to the all areas needed for an appointment.

Meet Milica Nedeljkovic

Mila has been with the clinic for over ten years and she now serves as the clinic director for the practice. New or returning patients can call her for an appointment. She can also provide information about our other practitioners and the Medical Center.

Meet Kathleen Sliter, RN

Ms. Kathleen Sliter oversees the allergy practice and has been its primary nurse since the inception of the Sinus & Nasal Allergy Center in 2003. Kathleen is versed in prick testing, intradermal testing, subcutaneous immunotherapy, sublingual immunotherapy, and environmental controls for inhalant allergens.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Loyola University and has a Master of Arts in Adminstrative Leadership from Lewis University. She has practiced nursing in the University of Illinois at Chicago system for over 29 years and has received 3 Excellence in Nursing awards.

The basis of Kathleen’s work philosophy is providing quality patient care – whether it relates to her directorship role or to personal patient phone calls. She can be found working tirelessly throughout the day and sometimes long into the evening toward this effort. Her attention to detail and conscientious nature in all aspects of her work is appreciated by her patients and all who work with her. Above all, she always has a smile and positive attitude no matter how hard or demanding the workload.


B.S. in Nursing from Loyola University
M.A. in Adminstrative Leadership

Professional Affiliations:

Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses
Allied Health Member American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy

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